After a long and busy six months, it’s nice to breathe and start to look towards the fields of summer. Now is a good time to sit down and go through the challenges and successes of a mentally demanding year.

We have spent the past winter and spring strictly remote mode, and in exceptional circumstances, However, the positive signals of an increase in vaccine coverage and a decrease in the number of new cases give indications of relatively normal autumn. This is a great relief, and it is nice to get at least partially back in the office environment.

During this spring we have added a bicycle benefit to our employee fringe benefit package, that gives a nice boost of activity to our staff’s daily lives. The bicycle benefit also supports our corporate responsibility program. Additionally, with the help of Atea Free Choice purchase model, we now offer employees a wide range of devices as an alternative to the default device packages. Internal feedback on both benefits has been very positive.

Anders was chosen as a partner in EU project AIDOaRT 

After a vast amount of administrative work, it has been confirmed that Anders was chosen to participate in an international EU project AIDOaRt. The project involves 32 organizations from seven different countries with a total project duration of three years. The objective of the AIDOaRt project is to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and DevOps operating models, with the goal of creating higher automation and efficiency for the entire software development.

This AIDOaRt project creates a great opportunity for us to further expand our expertise and learn more about the international market. We have been investing heavily in the development of DevOps practices for the last couple of years and we are eager to continue the work with new partners. We are looking forward to finding new use cases, creating smart services, and solving the needs of large global companies. You can read more detailed details about the project in our news here.



Over the past year, we have invested a lot in developing the skills of our experts and we have offered numerous trainings, e.g. service design, DevOps, and cloud services. At the Hackathon in early June, this time around we used some actual hardware to spice things up, namely the M5Stack CoreInk, a small embedded device with an e-ink display.

We’ve also focused on developing our top-notch cloud competence and our employees have earned Google certifications this past spring and Azure certifications last year. We strongly believe in cloud transformation and the added value of DevOps operations, and we have already found these to be basic requirements, especially in larger software development projects. For this reason, the AIDOaRt project is also a particularly great addition to learn even more about modern software development.

Back to the new normal in autumn 

We have spent a lot of time in recent months planning the “return to a new normal” concept. Modestly, the aim is to create an even better setting for work and co-operation than before covid. According to our remote survey results, 66 percent of Andersians want to continue mainly working remotely in the fall, and we are now preparing a hybrid model that combines flexible working both at the office and at home.

We are all quite used to remote work, and it is very convenient when the time spent on commuting can be counted in seconds. However, the survey also revealed that the sense of community has decreased, and people longed for more spontaneous “coffee room conversations” that have diminished due to remote working.

During the upcoming fall, everyone willing can move back to the offices in Turku & Helsinki, but we will continue fostering our sense of community through online events as well. We will organize office days, events and trainings on-site, to encourage people who are mainly remote to also meet colleagues face to face. We are also pleased to employ Andersians from all around Finland aka independent of location i.e. people who live outside our office locations and therefore work 100% remotely. Goes without saying that we also invite our remote-Andersian to join the office days.

Our summer parties in June at Turku and Helsinki sites were fun get-togethers. Luckily, we got great weather for our outdoor events. Many new Andersians saw their teams for the first time, and it was really nice to finally chitchat with people face to face. Our HR Business Partner Anna-Greta wrote more on our blog about the summer party.

We will continue to invest even more in the well-being of our employees and in strengthening our community. We already have a good experience of diverse online events, and combined with physical encounters, we believe we will achieve an even stronger Anders team spirit.

Spring was a time of renewal 


Spring is, in many ways, a time of renewal, and so it was for us. We refined our strategy to make our mission crystal clear for our own staff, our future employees, and customers. In the fall, we will be launching the renewed pages with a clear message for sustainable software development.

Thank you for our success belongs to our company’s brightest stars, our skilled employees, and a sincere thank you also to our partners and customers for the past year. 

Enjoy the summer!

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